Sunday, July 25, 2010

Like I need a third blog?

The muse made me do it.

I don’t expect to do a lot of posting on this one. It depends upon if, how much, and/or how quickly, spinning takes over from knitting. But on this one I can get more technical than I would want, over on the primary blog. [Just as I can go squeee! all I want on the doll blog and not creep out my two oldest.]

Last Thursday night after work, I pulled out my spinning wheel from a corner of my studio and set it up here by the computer desk in the living room. Before I went to bed, I had this.

I spun a little during the day and evening on Friday (I had taken the day off for my well-woman and mammogram and lunch out with my best friend). On Saturday, I took the wheel to my ward’s Pioneer Day breakfast, figuring that if I provided a little authenticity (albeit with a very modern wheel), I would be exempt from the games.

It worked. And I got a bunch more done, while visiting with friends old and young.

Last night I spun some more. This is what it looks like now.

And this is how much I have used up from the cheese, with an unused cheese alongside for comparison.

So, what am I spinning, you ask? I wasn't sure, other than it’s wool, and it has enough VM (vegetable matter) to qualify as Noro/Lone Star Division. My friend Rebecca gave me her leftovers a couple of years ago, and I’ve kept them in this Rubbermaid storage tub. I have three green, two natural, and one each in related purples.

While setting up that photograph, I found a slip of paper that tells me this is Fingerlakes Un-Spun. It is a finer diameter pencil roving than I worked with, twenty-five years ago when I first got into spinning. Then, I used Welsh pencil roving, some of which I knitted up, and some of which I wove on my Louet loom.

That colorful bump of wool in the lower right corner of the bucket is 4.3oz of “All Spun Up” (an Etsy shop), a gift from my friend Micki.

In finding those links, I learned that Fingerlakes also makes a 60% wool, 40% silk pencil roving. Oh dear...

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